New Product From Kaaz USA - The Super Q version is available for all models now. If the model you want is not listed, please inquire by phone or email. The special treatment we provide to this new version is called WPC treatment. More information about this treatment is mentioned in our homepage at or you can obtain more information at

New Product KAAZ SUPER Q
The new Super-Q units are designed to perform at lower operating sounds and overall superior total performance. Some features are as fallows: Dramatically reduced chattering noise, Excellent Heat Dissipation, Smoother Engagement, longer life-wear, and no break-in period required! These new features along with KAAZ’s standard characteristics of lightning fast reaction time, adjustable engagement settings, and virtually hassle free operation make the new Super-Q LSD a must for all vehicles. Whether your vehicle is a daily driver, weekend warrior or full on race car, the new Super-Q LSD is fitted for all styles of performance operation! SUPER Q UNITS ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL KAAZ L.S.D MODELS AND APPLICATIONS! CALL NOW!

Note: Super Q models require few days extra for processing the order due to the extra treatment required on the clutch plates. Please expect about 4-5 days processing time.